Friday, August 3, 2018

Be Aware of Anomalies With Help of Breast Self Exam

"Being a woman, have you ever noticed unusual lumps and bumps in your breasts? Well, without performing a suitable checkup or test it becomes very difficult to recognize which change is normal for you. Actually your breasts experience several changes with passage of time and most of these changes are usual. To distinguish between a usual and unusual change you can perform a self test or a checkup all by yourself. Actually such kind of test enables you to know what is normal and healthy for you without even consulting a doctor.

Most of the women who are aware of such symptoms always prefer breast self examination and consider it as part of her weekly or daily routine. It is important to know this process is not meant to replace other exams like mammogram, ultrasound etc. even it should not be considered as a substitute for weekly/monthly clinical exams. The purpose of such exams is to let you know your breasts and find out any possible anomaly.

How to Carryout Breast Self Exam?

Follow the below mentioned instructions to perform more accurately.

Breastlight: A Useful Device to Detect Anomalies

Breastlight is an innovative device to see what is inside your breasts. It uses its safe red LED light and illuminates your breasts to show the inner structure and you will be able to see everything inside like a series of threads. It shows the inner structure of your breasts as pattern of dark lines. This is normal for your breasts because dark lines represent blood vessels and veins. This device will also show any anomaly as dark patch so if you notice any anomaly present in your body; make sure you consult your GP without any delay. It is better for you to examine your breasts in a dark room to attain better results. It's is an ideal handheld device to enhance yourbreast awarenessprocess."