Friday, August 3, 2018

Cancer Comes From Heart And Should Be Cured From Heart

"Cancer Comes From Heart And Should Be Cured From Heart For many patients, we trace their course and history of birth carcinoma or recurrence, which can discover their hearts often have a fast knot, and always has the negative effect. Therefore, we should give them to do some psychological counseling work: in fact many things you pursue and care about , are not as good as you think, and you do not only just alive for these. Clinical observation shows that a large part of the cancer patients, after repeating setbacks, entangled in somebody or something in the past ,after that carcinoma was born. For example, being betrayed, a leadership don't let me list title, after you has been entangled in these things, whatever you do are not propitious, then it gave birth to cancer. To this, we can use some of the theoretical methods, to help him rectify this wrong idea. Some patients, often persuaded counter-question: ""what can I get for this ?"" In wujiang county nearby Shanghai, I have an old patients, she is a doctor, who got cancer in 1996, here after treatment, she recovers well. In 2000, she took a patient, said the patient is her little sister, at that time she was over 40 years old, grew very beautiful, but did not say any word, had been crying. Originally, she and her husband together fought for many years, creaed a enterprise. In very good time of enterprise development, she suddenly discovered her husband had close relationship with the other good young woman, who wanted divorced with her, of course she didn't agree.

Such situation went for three or four years, she gave birth to breast cancer. She was really desperate to the extreme, repeatedly tried to commit suicide, but because she love dearly children, she unwilling to suicide. Finally, she finally opened up, say: ""this woman (third party) ruined my lifetime."" I say: ""your marriage certainly couldn't keep going down, you should return and put yourself to understand openly."" Well, after a persuade she dismissed suicidal thoughts, was willing to receive treatment. I first suggested her that: "" Otherwise, you will see your husband and will be anger, and can produce strong negative temper, which is adverse to your rehabilitation . For your children, but also for us, you must go out."" She accepted my proposal, the marriage was over. Under the support of children she control most of the property. On one hand, , continue to actively be treated. On the other hand ,About half a year later, she was like another man, look very good. Until now, everything maintain well. She put this matter thoroughly down and then she took over management of enterprise. Because her husband was a fritter, soon he had little money, the woman also left him."